One-song workout: Seven Rings (Legs)


This is a one-song leg workout to Ariana Grande’s song, “Seven Rings.” Get a nice leg burn at home in 3 minutes. All you need is a dumbbell or kettlebell (or use your own bodyweight).

One song workout

Hi friends! I’m so excited for today’s post! This is something I’ve been scheming for a while, but wanted to wait until the kiddos were back in school so I could film consistently. 

One-song workouts!

I’ve mentioned quite a few times before that I constantly use music to drive my workouts. I think it’s from teaching dance for so long, but when I hear songs, I choreograph dances or movements in my head. <— weirdo. After starting to teach BODYPUMP, I learned the incredible power of choreographing strength training to music. It’s one of my favorite ways to make a workout fly by, and also utilize different rep counts, pulses, holds, etc. 

This is the very first one I put together: “Seven Rings” by Ariana Grande. This one has literally been in my head for months (and I’ve done it quite a few times at the gym), so I’m excited to post it.

Here’s what the workout looks like:

No excuses on this one - it's only 3 minutes! One song workout to Ariana Grande's Seven Rings. Get in an awesome leg workout in 3 minutes! All the details, plus a video at

And here’s the super short 3-minute video! I’ll also have it up on IGTV and my YouTube channel.

Work out with meeeeeee.


(Wearing this lululemon tank top, Four Athletics x Fitnessista leggings, APL sneakers)

What did you think?

Are you into these one-song workouts? Please let me know if you have any song requests! I’ll be posting these weekly if you guys enjoy them.



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